At Venus, we specialize in providing highly professional business solutions such as bookkeeping, accounting, financial Reporting and advisory services. Businesses today are faced with new challenges every day and only the one, who survives, has the chance to reach their goals. We keep the business aware about these changes before they get catastrophic by providing timely and meaningful financial information to the management to make informed decisions.

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Our mission

To provide quality services consistently is our mission. We achieve this by creating environment driven by values and providing innovative customized services to our clients and partners.

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Our vision

Being a trusted partner of preference, delivering proven solutions that enhances clients’ growth and profitability.

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  • Highest Ethical Standards
  • Responsibility and Integrity
  • Consistency and Timeliness
  • Client Centric Approach
Jaymeet Soni – The Founder


People react to tough times in different ways. There are some who just can’t take the pressure, blame the fate and succumb. And there are others, who face all the challenges, ensure their ethics and values are never compromised; and emerge winners. Jaymeet Soni (Jay) is one of the latter!

Beginning to work at early age with just a few thousands; by doing small Job work to heading own business; from humble beginnings of small business man to the most respected person in the society; has been quite an interesting Journey. Responsibilities came on Jay early in life. He lost his father at an early age due to cancer and suddenly his whole world turned upside down. Jay completed his education and pursued his academic goals during that time along with his dream of building a business.

Jay founded Venus Accountants with a goal to provide experience that matches client’s expectations or in most cases exceed them. Venus is working persistently with the accountants to understand and implement structured and value enhancing business solutions in Australia. With an office in Ultimo NSW and operational unit in Gujarat, India we’ve able to get the right kind of talent and expertise when needed and achieve the committed results.

His 9 years career, primarily in Accounting, Finance and other Commercial roles in Several Sectors, most recently included the role of Division Head in the Australian Accounting Industry. Throughout his career, he has held a number of other Senior Executive positions in the industry, including working with Marketing and Business development company which was enriching experience in customer relationships management.

He is particularly passionate about the development of people and creating an impact in different capacities for them. Jay loves to have a chat anytime (24X7) for his Team and Clients.

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