Part Time/ Full Time Resource

We provide resources after considering business requirements. Deployment of resources are based on several considerations such as Nature and complexity of project, Process implementation, and level of experience needed.

Along with great cost reduction, we make sure that the processes are streamlined by the dedicated resource so that you can utilize your time effectively in crucial areas.

A technical manager, having experience of accounts as well as latest technologies will work with the resource during initial phase to understand the requirements and suggest the best industry practices to apply it smoothly for providing a clear path going forward.

Build your team:

For large organizations we provide a unique functionality to build a team matching their expectations. Major benefits of this approach are;

  • Team will share common values and will work together as an extended hand of the organization
  • Knowledge sharing among the team members will enable you to allocate even more complex projects requiring several individuals to work together
  • Defining Hierarchy becomes easy. You can choose a manager at the top level, place senior accountants at second level, and also have executives below them. Multi-level structure allows us to have a clear understanding of your plans which allows us to set training platforms specific to your organization.
  • No training or retention problems. Because manage it for you.