Outsourcing – A step towards your pioneering growth


DO WHAT YOU DO THE BEST OUTSOURCE THE REST. That’s the advice legendary business consultant Peter F. Drucker gave companies. Outsourcing noncore activities and focusing on the vital aspects of business has brought success for businesses like Alibaba, WhatsApp, Skype and many more.

Whether a small business or a large corporation. Outsourcing certainly makes good sense. However, before deciding to outsource, you definitely need to address these questions,

• What benefits are you going to enjoy when you outsource bookkeeping and accounting tasks?

• What is the major area that you are planningto outsource and is that a perfect solution for your firm?

• How would this decision impact in the long run for your business?

Benefits of Outsourcing Accounting and Bookkeeping Tasks

Here are some of the outstanding benefits you get when you outsource bookkeeping and accounting tasks to one of the well-reputed accounting firms,

Time Saving: You can focus on crucial aspects of your business with the time that was used on non-core activities earlier.

Cost Effectiveness:Along with the exorbitant cost of hiring inhouse there are other hidden costs associated with it (will get back to this in a minute). You can completely ignore all these costs and have peace of mind when you outsource.

Work Culture:Knowledge sharing is the biggest advantage that you get when you sign up  for outsourcing. Communication between your designated team helps them to share their methods and solve problems easily.

Scalability:Requirements of business keep changing. You can plan on increasing the staffs or reducing according to your requirements asthe best Accounting Firms are the ones who understand their client needs and provide customized options.

Outsourcing Analysis

Accountants and bookkeepers earn a lot of money than most of the other professionals. Apart from monthly salary, there are other hidden costs. They need to spend on various elements such as superannuation, worker’s compensation, annual leaves and training. The actual cost that they might spend on hiring a person to do this task can go upto and beyond 80,000 dollars per annum. Whereas, you can have the same skillsets with more efficiency and nearly zero downtime with 40% or less of the cost.

Crucial tasks that can be outsourced to a Third Party

• Bookkeeping

  • Accounts Payable and Receivable
  • Reconciliation of the accounts
  • Financial Modeling

• Payroll

• Taxation

  • Individual
  • Companies
  • Partnership Firms
  • Sole Traders
  • Trusts

Why Outsourcing Work to Accounting Companies Overseas Is the Best Option?

Outsourcing work overseas is indeed cost-effective however it’s just a little portion of benefits you can expect from outsourcing as appropriately pointed below,

• Working with an offshore company whose processing center is based in India gives you an advantage of tasks being completed earlier than expected. You have the leeway to assign task at the end of the day and still see the results ready on your desk the very next day you enter the office.

• Person performing work on your accounts is always supervised by a dedicated accounts manager who will be your constant companion.

At Venus Accountants, we go beyond numbers and keep your accounts updated on real time basis and provide valuable feedbacks of the business performance. Also, we monitor implementation of Accounting policies and procedures and presentation of Financial Statements. Take a step today for a better tomorrow, make Venus Accountants Your Most Trusted Outsourcing Partner.

What is the defining factor when you consider outsourcing your work? Please drop your valuable feedbacks in the comments to help us know your views.


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