Onshore + Offshore = Numerical Prodigy


Offshoring has shifted from being a niche strategy to a dominant one used by Australian Firms and they have in return focused more on core competencies and generating profit. Accounting & Finance is approximately US$97.5 billion worldwide market with a projected growth of 6.4%/ US$16.7 billion. The Head Honcho here praises the combination of Onshore and Offshore team which creates miracles together.

Onshore + offshore = Numerical Prodigy

It is a Human Tendency to fear changes, but then getting used to and enjoying the change is a tendency as well. Outsourcing is a widely accepted practice across the globe and it is viewed as an opportunity by both Onshore and Offshore staff.

“Objections to offshoring are just another form of protectionism”
By Kenneth Ross Henry (Australian Economist and public servant)

Outsourcing Advantages to Accounting Firms

The advantages of offshoring are reported to be based on firm, industry and environmental pressures. The most important reasons to offshore are not limited to;

  • Highly skilled & qualified workforce along with New Gen Technology ensure to provide Best, on time service possible with utmost accuracy.
  • Collaborative approach with outsourcing firms and offshore staff can be a boon to any Accounting Business with Knowledge and skill sharing with flexibility in project allocations.
  • A Sublime financial decision as the costs in India are approximately 60% lower than Major cities in Australia.
  • India is also the most time zone favouring location to outsource financial services.
  • Also, the Accounting Firms can be sure of offshore provider’s ability to protect the organisation’s proprietary information, with robust internal controls and reliability.

What will my Clients think if I Offshore?

Yes, it’s a valid question for every decision maker. The Fact is that the client is indifferent until the work demanded is delivered on time with accuracy while keeping the Data security intact, offshore partners are just an extension of their team and work in sync with them. It’s same as, we go to buy a car and don’t probe which operations are outsourced for building a car. All we care is, The Final Product.

How to Establishing clear communication with Onshore and Offshore team?

Virtual is just another form of reality in recent days. Working with Global team can be made easy by taking inclusive steps,

  • Have regular group meeting with your global team
  • Assigning clear roles and responsibilities is very crucial. Encourage group decision making
  • Organize little fun learning activities with your team

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